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"Automagically" set start and end time for PI Vision using AF Attributes

Question asked by v.alves Champion on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2017 by Roger Palmen

Hi guys,

Do you know whether it is possible to assign an AF Attribute as start or end time for a PI Vision dashboard?

My scenario is simple: I have an attribute on AF that is updated with a timestamp value whenever some specific event happens, and I want my PI Vision dashboard to display data from the time that is on this attribute until now. So I just want to adjust the start time of the display to that attribute's value, and keep the end time as "*". Is this possible with some sort of native configuration?

If not, which is the way to go? I have some experience with the development of custom symbols, but is there another better way to go like the possibility to develop and extension of the Timebar?


Which would be the best solution?