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How to monitor a windows service with Pi? 

Question asked by Glanford on Sep 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by tmcmanus

We have two Pi Interface Servers for redundancy.  Most of our interfaces support UniInt failover.  However, we have an old Pi Interface based on UniInt  For this interface, we have to manually start/stop the service when swapping between Pi Interface servers.


We want to monitor the status of these services - so we are hoping there is a way to monitor the status of the windows service with Pi, so we can add it to one a processbook display we use for monitoring the health of the system.


In case it matters, we have the below software installed on the Pi Archiver:

PI Data Archive

  1. 3.4.395.80

PI Simple Network Management Protocol Interface


PI Performance Monitor Interface


PI Interface Status Utility


Note: the Pi Interface Servers are on a different domain to the Pi Archiver.


Thanks in advance for your help