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Excel Datalink connection to data server is lost every time Excel closes

Question asked by Bakerr on Sep 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Bakerr

My Excel DataLink connection to my data server must be manually re-connected every time Excel opens.  There are no issues connecting once Excel opens, it just won't remember the connection when Excel closes.  This has only been an issue for the last three days.  I have built batch files that open Excel and spit out reports at 4 different times everyday then closes Excel.  I get null values because it can't see the data server unless I manually connect every time Excel opens.  Why did this change, and what can I do to stay connected?


I have deleted and re-established the connection (many times).

I found online a work around in regedit (that did not work).

After Excel is open, I can simply hit F9, and the connection is restored.

I assume that the problem originated on my DATASERVER, because all of the computers that use DataLink have been affected too.

Automatic updates have been disabled, and the DATASERVER is not connected to the internet, so I don't see how it could change itself.  The problem started over the weekend when no one was here.

I am running Excel 2016, and DataLink 2016.