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PI TAG configuration  location1 vs pointsource

Question asked by 3@lOn_poWerNussn on Oct 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2017 by jyi

Hello PI community and specialists,

I have a specific question as mentioned in the title regarding to the TAG configuration.

The from me known normal and convenient way to allocate TAGs to the related Interfaces is the location1. In the current case I have got a PI TAG configuration for review and all the TAGs from different PU's have the same location1 but every PU have a different pointsource.

Every PU is related to a separate Interface. Well, the only point I can distinguish the TAGs as mentioned is the pointsource and not by location1.


The PI manual says nothing concrete about this case, but don't exclude it neither. In my point of view it could be work.

Can anyone tell me (maybe someone has already made experience with this) what the consequences are if I do the PI TAG configuration like this. Are there any concerns about this?


Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,