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    PI Vision URL time parameters


      I am unable to find the proper syntax for passing time parameters. The documentation has information about how to pass a date, but I would like to specify a time, as well. (11/21/2017 8:03 PM, not just 21-nov-17)




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          Roger Palmen

          Interesting question. I'm a bit worried about regional settings influencing this, making the URLs dependent on each user's individual locale. Most of the time though, the ISO format (2007-04-05T12:30-02:00) should  work for any: ISO 8601 - Wikipedia

          With should i mean i did not test...

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              All the URL parameter does is push what you have written to the starttime/endtime boxes at the bottom. So any PI time will work.


              Example 1 - Absolute time

              For  example is I use:


              Then I get


              Example 2 - Relative time

              You can also use relative time. So if I use:


              I get:


              Example 3 - Absolute and relative time

              There are also many ways to specify PI Time, so I can also use:

                   ?starttime=2017-nov-01 18:00:10&endtime=t

              to get



              For the timezone, it can be specified using "tz". For example ?tz=UTC-5:00



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              Thank you both! I think I tried the time in the URL, but I must have mistyped the space code. After that, I was stumped.