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    PI Connector for OPC-UA



      Our product relies on the PI OPC-DA read/write interfaces to gather data into the PI archive. Lately customers have asked us to be able to integrate data into the PI archive from an OPC-UA data source. I looked briefly and there is a PI OPC-UA connector from PI but is this implemented like the OPC-DA PI interface meaning, you install it on the data source node computer, configure it as a service and connect it up to the PI data archive? More or less, set it and forget it, as long as the service is running the data will be going into the pi archive?



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          The implementation is pretty different but the end result is essentially the same. For the most part, the high-level functions of interfaces and connectors are the same. Install, configure, and send the data in an automated fashion. The connector has the added ability of publishing an AF hierarchy as well.



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