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Create/Update Point with attributes in a single (non-batch) request 

Question asked by ArminS on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2017 by Kenji Hashimoto

Hi everyone, in our application we try to create/update several hundred points (all of the points are on the same data archive) with a single batch-request.
To create or update one point we have to build one sub-request to create (or update) the point itself and 56 further sub-requests to update the subordinated attributes.
Unfortunately this is a rather large request in order to create or update a single point and leads to the following exceptions

  • Request content exceeds the maximum allowed length 4194304 (when sending all points in a single batch request)
  • Rate limit reached. The client set more requests than the RateLimitMaxRequests within the RateLimitDuration (when splitting the points into several batch requests)

In order to reduce the amount of sub-requests I tried to create/update a point with the subordinated attributes in a single (non-batch) request.
Which failed again with the error message "Properties [Attributes] are not allowed".

Is there a way to create or update a point and add attributes in a single (non-batch) request?
If that is not an option, then what are the recommended values for RateLimitMaxRequests and RateLimitDuration in the WebApi configuration?

Thanks for your help.



I found this thread (How to use the CreatePoint API call ) where Brad basically asks the same question.

Is it still not possible to create/update a Point with its attributes in a single call?

Jinmo Yi: Do you have some recommendations from your experience for setting those two values in the config? I know the Default values but how can I determine which values are feasible for the PI Web API?