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Event frames for batch reactor

Question asked by Amitver on Nov 24, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by NormRidg

Hi Everyone,

I am new to PI AF, however more or less understand the philosophy of PI AF elements, attributes and Event frames.


I am trying to find resources, videos where someone can teach me, how to make event frames for a batch reactor with different products. I have seen many videos of how to make PI event frames but they all talk about downtime. I see no template or video explaining S88 model being implemented step by step to make a event frame for a particular reactor and for a particular product in the reactor.


To make my question more clear. I make 4 different grades in a reactor. Each grade has different phases (preparation, loading, reaction, seperation, distillation and cleaning). I would like to classify all these properly in PI AF event frames.


Can someone help me?