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Multiple scan classes for PItoPI Interface with same scan frequency

Question asked by Gargee14 on Nov 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by John Messinger

Hello All,


We have few queries regarding workload distribution for PItoPI Interface by re-setting the scan classes.


  1. We currently have large number of tags (~3000) updating through a single scan class with Scan Frequency 00:00:01 (1 sec.) and we are proposing to distribute this workload across multiple scan classes without changing the scan frequency (i.e. multiple scan classes with the same frequency).

  Is it possible to have multiple scan classes for the PItoPI Interface with same scan frequency( no offsets) ? 


  1. If Yes, how would the above mentioned approach be useful to reduce the workload on the PItoPI interface ? What is the associated impact of having the above suggested configuration, on the data collection ?


Looking forward to your response.