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PI Vision - using an attribute value as a navigation link

Question asked by ian.d.gore on Dec 11, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2017 by ian.d.gore

Hi Everyone,


I'm trying to make "dynamic" links on my PI Vision displays.  So that a navigation link changes depending on values in the AF database (eg a point).

I've built the web address in an attribute using StringBuilder and I can display it (with some issues around the size of the symbol) using a value symbol.


What I really want now is to make the value of the symbol a navigation link but there doesn't seem to be any "native" way of doing it.   Is there anyway of doing it (eg by embedding HTML or javascript  in the value)?


If not I'll make a extended symbol that does it for me.


Plus another quick question   

Where are the URL parameters for a PIVision display (eg Asset=) documented?  I can't find anything in the PI Vision User Guide - I found some by trawling PI Square