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How to get the descriptions of a PI tag in Excel

Question asked by Maarten.Vanderheyden on Dec 16, 2017



I can't seem to find a way to get the PI tags, the path AND the description in excel.

When I use the search function in de PI datalink Ribbon I get three columns:rooth path, data item, description.

I can change the slider to "full path" or "name only"

Is it possible to get the "description" also in my excel sheet?






Edit, and then I found the properties function (facepalm) which works very good for one tag. Now I need to get it to work for a range of tags ;-)

Edit2: so, to make the properties function return the description of a list of tags. First do 1 tag.

Go into the cell, delete the dollar signs of the function and use ctrl-enter to make a change in the array. After that you can drag the cell down to copy the entire range.