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    Use Data Set Value In Another Data Set Expression


      In Process Book can a data set expression contain another data set's value?


      For example, a normal expression : 'tag1' + 'tag2'

      Using another data set value : 'tag1' + 'dataset1.value'




      (Using Pi ProceesBook 2012 SP2 ver

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          Hi Richard,


          It is not possible to reference the value of a dataset inside of another dataset. The reason for this is that the data sets are calculated server side, and the PI server is unaware of the datasets within a ProcessBook display.


          As for workarounds, I would suggestion the following, in order:

          1. AF analyses since they are global to the PI system and not locked into a specific ProcessBook display

          2. Performance equation, as those can reference each other since their outputs are themselves PI tags

          3. Copy and paste the equation from one dataset into another. For example, if dataset1.value = tag2 + tag3, then instead of dataset2.value = tag1 + dataset1.value, set it to tag1+tag2+tag3



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