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    How could I remove PI Vision scroll bar?




      I wonder if it is possible to disable scroll bar in PI VIsion

      I'd like to make something like horizontal line on display.

      It is quite simple to make it. Drawing large rectangle and zooming in. However, I cannot remove scrollbar.


      Is there a way to do this, like in Processbook?


      Thank you


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          Hi Jonghyun,


          The scrolling part of a PI Vision display has the id "drop-here".  You can add CSS for this object to disable scrolling.


          I'm not quite sure of the use case you described but I'm a bit worried about changing the default behavior of PI Vision too much.  PI Vision has a built-in zoom and "Fit all" functionality which seems like it could natively achieve something similar to what you are requesting.  This would be a preferable solution because:

               a) we'd be able to support you if something is not functioning as expected

               b) it will not break when you upgrade versions

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