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    I have a question regarding the unique ID's.


      I have a question regarding the unique ID's. I need to make changes to my customers system. I have tested and verified my method of change using the Data Archive. I make the necessary changes to my DA and publish it, then I take an XML export that includes the unique ID's. This should get me a file I can then import on top of my old DB that changes my "name change" that is associated with that unique ID but when I upload the new DB it writes all new unique ID's for everything. Is there a way to maintain the old unique id's? Am I doing something wrong

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          Dan Fishman

          What table are you modifying?


          I think if the XML import/export does not work you will have to use PIConfig.


          For example, using PIconfig in list mode, I see the PI Identify table an identify id attribute.  You might want to request a review of a PIConfig script from technical support before you make changes to your server.

          To view this table using PIconfig.


          @table iident


          @select ident=*

          @ostructure ident, identid


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            James Devine

            Hi Robert:


            I am not 100% clear on what you are trying to accomplish, but my assumption is you are trying to recreate a set of tags on a customer's pi server that matches your set of tags on your development server.


            The unique ids will not follow the migration only the pi point names and some (not all) of the pi point attributes. The unique ids will also be unique to the pi server.


            If you are simply trying to rename some tags on the same server by utilizing the unique ids I suggest an XML export and import is not the best way to go. I believe strongly the simplest most straight forward tool to utilize is the PI Builder plugin to Excel and use the 'NewName' field to rename your tags.

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              Hi Robert,


              What are the changes you need to make to your customer's system?