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[PI Vision 2017 R2] Cannot draw XY-Plot, EventTable

Question asked by Baeksabu on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by Baeksabu

Hi, I have downloaded PI Vision 2017 R2 and am testing new features


I encountered an error when I try to draw xy-plot or eventtable like below


Message: PI Web API Error

Details: The PI Web API server could not be reached. Please contact your system administrator or refer to the PI Web API troubleshooting section in the PI Web API User Guide for possible causes and solutions.


I asked similar question in past([PI Vision 2017] Cannot Draw XY-plot on client machines. )

In this case, I connot draw xy-plot on server machine


I think this occured because I use Self-signed certificate(maybe not)


Here I also attach error message from Chrome browser



Isn't there an altanative way to solve this error except installing trusted certificate?