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    Duration between two 'events' PI-datalink


      Dear PI Square,


      I have a question regarding calculation the duration between two separate 'events' in PI-datalink.


      I have a temperature measurement, and i want to know the time spent in a cooling phase, fx between Thigh and Tlow, which is the easiest way to do that in PI datalink?

      Preferably i would like it to show the time for each time it went through the cooling, and not the sum of all cooling phases within the time-span.


      seems like an easy task but i cannot get it to work.


      I am using excel in office 365 and PI datalink 2015 v5.2


      thanks in advance,


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          You can do this easily with AF Analysis and event frames. Start trigger is temperature < THigh and the end trigger equals temperature < TLow. The duration of the event frame is the time spent in cooling phase. In this way the calculation is stored as an event frame on the AF Server and accessible via PI Vision/PI System Explorer and PI DataLink. Because the calculation is done on the server, everyone is also looking to the same results.




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              Thanks for the ultra-quick response Robert!


              It seems indeed like the event frames is a good match. They have just recently been announced as the 'next big thing' in our PI system, and i am not entirely sure if it is available to me just yet. I will continue the discussion with the system administrators to see if I can use it.


              It sounds much, much easier than loading a bunch of data via PI-datalink into Excel and then do lookups to calculate the duration!


              Thank you very much,