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AF Custom Data References and Analysis

Question asked by GBellido_KBC on Jan 3, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by GBellido_KBC

I have created a Custom DR that returns the context timestamp converted from the local AF time to an specific Timezone.

Both my GetValue and GetValues method seem to be working. I can retrieve interpolated values at times and by count:

I would like to use this CDR as input of an Analysis. So I created a test analysis which concatenates a string with “Time on Site” value every 5 minutes. I tried first with an Analysis DR as output, which works.

If I do a Time Series Data of the “AnalysisTest” attribute I can do Sampled and Plot calls too. If I evaluate the calculations I get good values also:

However, if I try Preview Results, I think the context time is not being passed correctly.

When debugging, I see a couple of things:


  1. The context time passed is 1-Jan-1970… instead of using any of the trigger times.
  2. Clicking Preview Results call the InterpolatedValue data method, which returns 1 value using GetValue method, instead calling InterpolatedValuesAtTimes or PlotedValues.


Is there any step that I could be missing?


Do you have any example that could help with this?