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I have a problem with the "..\..\element" and "..\element\" function in the string builder in OSISoft System Explorer (AF)

Question asked by TobiasKalmer on Jan 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by John Messinger

Hello everyone!:),


the following code I put in the string builder function of an element-template: "DELME:%..\..\Element%";:;"%..\Element%";/;Right(%Element%,9);-value;.currentvalue;;


At first the element functions worked in the following way:

     1.) I created a new element on the 8th branch based on the element-template with the string builder function and renamed the element with the sensornumber (e.g. 123)

     2.) then he automatically created a string and replaced %..\..\Element% with the 2nd element (if you begin to count at the Level of the new created element (the 8th branch)->so the 7th branch) and %..\element% with the name of the element I had just created.

     3.) the "Right(%Element%,9) function automatically took the first 9 strings of the elementname. So if I named the element "sensornumber-sensor", then he took "sensornumber" for the string builder, so with the help of the string builder PI AF creates automatically our tag-name.


But since two days he does not begin to count at the beginning of the element I created. Instead he begins to count from the first Level of the whole AF branch, i.e. the first branch of the 8 branches. But I did not change anything. The functions in the string builder are all the same. I hope you understand what I mean. It is quite diffucult to explain.

What is the Problem? Thanks in advance!


best regards

Tobias Kalmer