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PI DataLink PICompFilDat and PIAdvCalcFilVal returning duplicate values when counting alarm occurences

Question asked by Kareloss on Jan 23, 2018
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I am trying to count how many times an alarm has occured by means of PICompFilDat and/or PIAdvCalcFilVal as described in following thread:

PI Datalink, looking to count how many times an alarm activated


When I do this, I see that some events are duplicated, some are not (see Excel screenshot below; PICompFilDat).


Below I have attached some trend screenshots that show that there are only 2 events; the second event (timestamp 11-jan-18 23:14:59) seems to be duplicated somehow.


Does anyone know how this could be fixed? I think this may have something to do with tag configuration or compression settings.


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First event:

FaultMSG_3 - Copy.PNGFaultMSG_4 - Copy.PNG

Second event:

FaultMSG_1 - Copy.PNG

FaultMSG_2 - Copy.PNG