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How to "navigate back up the hierarchy" in PI Vision

Question asked by Guilherme Ferreira Champion on Jan 23, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2018 by jdryden

Hi folks!


Let's say I have an AF hierarchy with three levels:

- Overview

     - Area1

          - Equipment1

          - Equipment2

          - Equipment3

     - Area2

          - Equipment4

          - Equipment5


I have a PI Vision Overview display with some data for all areas. If I click on one of the areas' symbols, I open another display with specific data to that area and all its equipments.

I can go further down, clicking on one of the equipments and opening another display with more detailed data for that specific equipment.

All easy so far!


Now, I want to configure a "back" button which will take me back to the "area" display, setting the current parent area path as the context.

Pretty straightforward:

If I am on Area1, go down to Equipment1 and then click "back", I want to go back to Area1.

If I am on Area2, go down to Equipment4 and then click "back", I want to go back to Area2.


I couldn't get this done. Is it possible?

Something like this below would be nice: