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    Automating a formula on excel using Pi Datalink function?


      On the second set of data, im trying to use a Pi Datalink function to get some data. This data is dependent on the data from the 1st column. Instead of manually keying everything, is there a way for me to get excel to automatically do this.


      For example i'm using the compressed data function and the starting times for the second set of data is suppose to be the time on each row of the first set of data. I've tried drag it, but excel doesn't want to increment the column number. I hope that make sense.

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          Hi Felix,


          From what I'm understanding, you'd like to have the values for the 1st column data and the 2nd column data at the time stamps for the 1st column data, right?


          If so, here's one way to do this:

          1. Use the "Compressed Data" function to get your 1st column data, as you've already done.
          2. For the 2nd column data, use the "Archive Value" function and select the 1st column data's time stamps as the 2nd column data's time stamp. Remove the '$' (lock) before the row number so that the next row would automatically be used if you copy this down.
          3. Copy the "Archive Value" query you just made in Step 2 for however many time stamps you have.


          As an example, I'm pulling Compressed Data from the tag "SINUSOID" into column C (with the time stamps in column B). I then retrieve Archive Values for the tag "SINUSOIDU" into column E, specifying the time stamp to be column B: