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PI Tags showing "Error" and "Comm Fail"

Question asked by Muthulingam-EnQuest on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Muthulingam-EnQuest

Hi Guys,


I noticed that some of the Digital State PI Tags are showing "Error" State when in actual fact the DCS Output is showing a Valid "Open" or "Close" Digital State Value.

I've noticed that if set the Location Settings as follows (Polled), the Digital State Tags starts to work again. A total of 160 Tags which were showing "Error" state are now working fine again after changing from "Advice" to "Polled":



However, most other Digital State Tags (around 200 Tags) which are set as below (Advise) are still working fine:

We decided to set the location settings as below to enable some of the New Tags to function again when we had reached the Delta V OPC Parameter License Limit.

The License issue has been resolved now and all the Tags seems to be working fine until we encountered the "error" State issue.



My Question:

- What is the recommended Location Settings for the Digital State Tags (Advice or Polled)?

- Is there any other way to solve the "Error" State issue while maintaining the Digital State Tags in Advice?

- Should I change all the Digital State Tags' Location setting back to "Polled" instead of "Advice"?


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Muthulingam Ramiah


Ganesh Supromaniam