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    PI Tags showing "Error" and "Comm Fail"


      Hi Guys,


      I noticed that some of the Digital State PI Tags are showing "Error" State when in actual fact the DCS Output is showing a Valid "Open" or "Close" Digital State Value.

      I've noticed that if set the Location Settings as follows (Polled), the Digital State Tags starts to work again. A total of 160 Tags which were showing "Error" state are now working fine again after changing from "Advice" to "Polled":



      However, most other Digital State Tags (around 200 Tags) which are set as below (Advise) are still working fine:

      We decided to set the location settings as below to enable some of the New Tags to function again when we had reached the Delta V OPC Parameter License Limit.

      The License issue has been resolved now and all the Tags seems to be working fine until we encountered the "error" State issue.



      My Question:

      - What is the recommended Location Settings for the Digital State Tags (Advice or Polled)?

      - Is there any other way to solve the "Error" State issue while maintaining the Digital State Tags in Advice?

      - Should I change all the Digital State Tags' Location setting back to "Polled" instead of "Advice"?


      Best Regards,


      Muthulingam Ramiah


      Ganesh Supromaniam

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          Hi Muthulingham,


          I think we might need a little more information to help you troubleshoot this, and it's possible that this would better handled in a Tech Support case. Did you see anything in the message logs for those tags from when they went into error? Were the timestamps on the tags stale when they were in Error as well?


          What type of interface are these tags coming from? If it's OPC DA and you're running version, is it possible you're running into this bug.




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              Hi Robert,


              I'm sorry i took some time to reply.

              I will get Tech Support assistance again to finalize the root cause and close this case.

              Currently all the tags are working fine.

              The Tags are coming from an OPC DA Interface version



              Do I need to update the OPC DA Interface version?

              If yes, what else should I update?



              Best regards,


              Muthulingam Ramiah