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    Pi Web Api to consume external RESTful endpoints or xml?


      Hello Smart People,


      I am really new to the pi web api, but have discovered this piece of software is really powerful. A lot of the discussions and help I have seen posted throughout this forum is how to access the Pi system and get data out. But with less details, a few threads have alluded that the web api could also be used to pass a GET response from other rest services back to Pi to be stored, let's say this one (https://api.weather.gov/stations/KSLE/observations/current) (noaa weather station data). How is this done? Are there any examples? I have searched for half the day and only found this example which uses cloud hosted node-red, which I don't really want to do (Tutorial: Using the OSIsoft Pi Web API node with FRED (Cloud Node-RED) | Sensetecnic Developer ). Is it possible to do something similar with published xml feeds, like this one http://water.weather.gov/ahps2/hydrograph_to_xml.php?gage=slmo3&output=xml? This seems like something that has been done before. Just for full disclosure I am not a developer, but definitely tech savvy and knowledgeable enough to be dangerous. Any help, suggestions, or examples would be greatly appreciated!