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    error in syncing in HA collective



      recently the collective showed an error in syncing between primary and secondary PI servers as in below

      as new tags created in primary server is not reflecting to the secondary due to sync error.


      -------------------error text ----------------------------

      [-18002] Error processing update

      Error processing sync record; Table: AuthInfo Table; Operator: Created; Record: ; Record ID: 88; Status: [-15024] Generic Duplicate Name


      i tried everything to restore the sync but no luck , even deleted the record from mappings & trust  in PI SMT and created it again but no luck ,


      any ideas on how to restore the sync in the collective?


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          Hi Hayan,


          You may be running into 26729OSI8 - Changing the point type of a point can throw a collective out of sync if the snapshot value of the secondary cannot be coerced to the new type.

          If you think this is not the case, then I would also suggest contacting Tech Support so they can take a thorough look at it. Otherwise, you can always re-initialize the collective, but you would not be able to find the root cause the it can be a lengthy process.

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            From the error in your description and the screenshot, I do not believe we are encountering known issue 26729OSI8, which is specifically due to point type changes. Rather, if we break down the error message...

            Error processing sync record; Table: AuthInfo Table; Operator: Created; Record: ; Record ID: 88; Status: [-15024] Generic Duplicate Name

            We can see that the change record which was attempted to be synced and failed (and therefore broke the sync) was due to a newly added entry to the AuthInfo table. The AuthInfo table is the table which keeps a history of every single user who has ever authenticated to a given PI Data Archive. From the error status "[-15024] Generic Duplicate Name", we can infer that an entry in the AuthInfo table of the secondary already had the same name as the new entry on the primary which is being synced over. To get further details, usually there is a pirepl_unprocessedrecs.dat file on the primary, which you can dump with the 'pibasess -dumpupr' command. This would indicate the exact name of the entry being synced, and may give an indication as to why or how it might already exist on the secondary. Are both of your members in the same domain? Ideally it would be nice to troubleshoot this scenario, just to make sure it is not a known issue. If you are able to still find that file on your primary, please feel free open a case with Tech Support and we can help you take a look. In this case it seems the collective went out of sync after a certain user authenticated on the primary, and we certainly would want to find out why, so as to prevent possible re-occurrences in the future!

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