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In AF, Generating Parent attributes based on the attributes of the children

Question asked by LindseyHatfield on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by LindseyHatfield

We have over a hundred regulators in our GAS network and these are grouped into sub networks of units that effect one another with pressure changes.

The regulators are LPDR devices and they are all created using one LPDR device template, one attribute of the template is a table lookup value of their assigned pressure network group.




We are building a PI Vision display Selected by the parent groups ie. L08, L09 etc.   that has a collection with information on the Child regulators in the group as well as a heading and trend based on the group details.


The Outlet pressures are taken from the Child LPDR's but now of course the drop down selection of groups is not available.


Solution put the Outlet pressures of all of the LPDR's into the parent structure, but of course each group has different children, so we need some abstraction, i.e.


I am trying to work out now how to build a data reference for the Template that will get the Children from the table for each of the LPDR's.

I have extracted the number of elements in the group SELECT Count(SiteId) FROM [Site Locations] WHERE NetWork = '%Element%'  (22)

I can do the selection from the table   SELECT SiteID FROM [Site Locations] WHERE NetWork = '%Element%' but that only returns the first entry   (ACL)

I can use string builder to build the string for the value lookup and the value lookup using '.\ACL|Outlet Pressure'


What I need to do is read each site in the group and build the reference to the outlet pressure of each of them.

".\ACL|Outlet Pressure"

".\BOW|Outlet Pressure"   etc.


Any ideas other than building them all manually and having to synchronize all future changes to the groups in the field and our SCADA servers ?

I have run out of ideas.