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    I/O Timeout with RDBMS


      Is there a way to adjust/remove the I/O timeout for RDBMS points. I am using RDBMS to pull in lab data. Some of the lab tests are not ran very often but I want the last result to be displayed when I pull the data into Excel. I am not sure where the problem lies if it is part of the interface configuration or the point configuration.

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          Hi Marty,


          I would suggest first reviewing the RDBMS logs to find the cause of the IO timeout. Generally, IO Timeout means that there is a problem accessing the data source. In the logs, you may see the interface not able to connect to your RDB. Although the data does not come in often, you should not see IO Timeout.


          If you do not want IO Timeout to be written to the tags when there is a loss of communication, you can enable the /NO_INPUT_ERROR parameter on the interface.