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Access PI AF Server and PI Data Archive Out Of Domain

Question asked by SujitKodiyatar on Feb 16, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by SujitKodiyatar

Hello All,

I am facing an issue to access PI AF Server and PI Data Archive out of domain, the scenario is listed below


I have a pi server machine in domain say PIS

I have a desktop machine in domain say PIDEV

I have a laptop machines out of domain say LAP1, LAP2

I have an application developed using PIAFSDK and .Net say PIAPP



I am able to connect to pi server PIS from PIDEV through Pi explorer, PI SMT and PIAPP using my domain AD credentials.

when i try to access Pi Explorer, PI SMT on PIS from LAP1, LAP2 every time it asks for my domain AD credentials to open, after putting strong AD credentials it allows to access.

when I try to access from PIAPP using same domain AD credentials it allows to connect to pi server but when i try to access data it gives an error as below.


Cannot connect to the PI Data Archive. Windows authentication trial failed because the authentication method was not tried. Trust authentication trial failed because insufficient privilege to access the PI Data Archive.


one of solution i got is to add two entries to his Local Credential Manager. One for PI Data Archive and one for AF Server and fill in domain user which has mappings on PI AF and PI Data Archive.


I tried to create entry in LAP1 credential manager but the issue is same

can anyone describe step by step how can i create entry to LAP1 credential manager ?