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    Getting an error - "Failed to resolve required input"


      I have made changes to AF analysis in the server machine.

      When I open system explorer from user machine I get an error "Failed to resolve required input" for attributes dependent on the changes made. But everything is correct on opening system explorer in the server.

      Can anyone help me with the same?

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          Steve Boyko

          I believe this means the client doesn't have security access to the attribute - what it's pointing at - while the server does.

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            Are you logging in to each machine using different windows credentials? Since the issue is client side, it sounds like security might be at play. Also, for the attribute that's displaying the error, what is data reference and the configuration string? Some data references depend on proper security configuration with external databases. For example, Table Lookups are resolved client-side and often require authentication with a source database. For table configurations that rely on Kerberos, AF impersonates the end user to authenticate with the data source that's holding the table. If authentication fails, then the client is not able to retrieve the table data and the attribute would not show the expected value.

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