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Digital PI Point showing "Configure"

Question asked by nkrstic1 on Feb 27, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by nkrstic

Hello all,


We are having a strange situation, we are monitoring pumps which have a shutdown cause tag in a form of a number (413) vendors have provided a lookup information for the same where that number translates to a meaning example (413 = Manual Shutdown). We have several hundred of those as well as several vendors. Data is being received via OPC as advise tags, there is no compression or compression deviation, Interface is set to save good and questionable values.

We created digital states for different vendors and digital tags that are mapped to corresponding states states. Location1=2, Location2=0, Location3=1, Location4=1, Location5=0.  For some of the tags we are getting the correct values but for some we are getting "Configure", knowing that this usually points to pi point/tag configuration we have crosschecked the instrumenttag. Using a OPC client we see the values in OPC but in PI we see either Configure or BAD. In the msg logs on the PI OPC Interface we see msgs. like .AddItem failed VT_I2....


Any ideas?