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What would cause a secondary PI collective member (v3.4.415.1188) to report a license Current PctMatch of -1?

Question asked by kliffhopson on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by tramachandran

I recently upgraded to PI Data Archive 2017 R2. Ever since the upgrade,the secondary members of the collective have been generating a sequence of hourly messages that go like this:
1) Failed to confirm a secondary license from the primary server
2) License Warning: failed to get or confirm a license seat for the secondary server due to communication problem or other issues with the primary server –[-10722] PINET: Timeout on PI RPC or System Call.
3) License validated for the secondary server


I determined that the License Current PctMatch for the primary server was < 50%, so I generated a new license this morning. After installing the new license on all the servers, the messages persist on the secondary nodes. Also, the Current PctMatch on all the secondary nodes is being reported as -1.