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Too many points in dataset. Number of points is 401...

Question asked by jnathan on Mar 5, 2018
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depending on the time frame I use for retrieving my data it happens that the query exceeds the default size of 400 elements giving the following message:


"Too many points in dataset. Number of points is 401 and current limit is 400. Please modify the query to return fewer points or increase the limit"


Therefore I searched a bit and found the option "Intervals: ...", so I tried the following:


getDefaultConfig: function(){


DataShape: 'TimeSeries',

DataQueryMode: CS.Extensibility.Enums.DataQueryMode.ModePlotValues,

//DataQueryMode: CS.Extensibility.Enums.DataQueryMode.ModeMarkers,

//DataQueryMode: CS.Extensibility.Enums.DataQueryMode.ModeEvents,

Height: 250, 

Width: 250,

Intervals: 2000




But no matter which DataQueryMode I use of the above mentioned, neither the method nor the number I put for Intervals does change anything in the returned data, which I receive in my


function dataUpdate(data)


. I can even put 20 and still I have the error message from the top.


According to "PI Vision 2017 Custom Extension Creation", I would like to use ModePlotValues as I would like to obtain a number of interpolated values over this period.


How can I achieve that?


Thanks a lot for your time,