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    Server restart order?


      Have individual virtual machines for the Data Archive, AF, SQL and Vision PI server.

      Does the restart order matter?

      My suggestion is

      • Data Archive,
      • SQL,
      • AF
      • Vision.
      • Any comments, suggestion references to a KBA? Thanks
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          Hi Ric,


          You can do this in any order you choose. As long as any interfaces writing to the data archive are buffered, there shouldn't be any issues. Users may notice a temporary interruption during the reboot if they are accessing any of these services. But as long as the services are set for "automatic" startup type, they should all come back up after the reboot.


          Shutting down your data archive gracefully by navigating to %piserver%\adm and running pisrvstop.bat before the full machine reboot would be the absolute cleanest way to reboot the data archive.



          • Re: Server restart order?

            I think your order is good. PI Vision/PI Web API needs PI AF Server and in turn needs MSSQL Server started.

            To avoid initial connection errors/messages (in PIAF) and temporary shutdown to windows services (piwebapi) maintain SQL -> AF -> PI Vision order.

            The PI DA order is not specifically tied to the above products for startup.

            Note: As mentioned in Mark's reply, the change of precedence does not cause any significant issues. Please keep in mind the interfaces and buffering.