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Large Log File

Question asked by mikespath on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by gmichaud-verreault


We recently installed a pi archive on a windows server to do some testing. It was a smooth process and have been utilizing the pi archive for about 9 months. This is on a VM the customer had provided but we noticed this morning that there was practically no space left on the drive of like 80Gb.

We are not collecting many tags (20) at all with very little data (only transnational data).

When I ran a large file tracker, I found a pimsg_.log file in the program files\PI\log directory that was 5Gb. I had not done anything special on the pi archive install or had to setup logging any different. Can you tell me the source of this and how to regulate logging sizes?

See attached file for more detail.