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PIVision : navigation via "Switch Asset" feature in a (multi) template based displays

Question asked by flemoine on May 9, 2018
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I've created an AF hierarchy which groups informations from child elements (also derived by their respectives templates).


The hierarchy is like this \\AFServer\AFDatabase\Assets\Solar PV\Europe\France\SiteA\ShelterB\InverterC\SJBD


"SiteA" is a template (ie : SiteA =IS11 or TL31)

"ShelterB" is a template (ie : ShelterB = SH01 or SH02)

"InverterC" is a template (ie : InverterC = I1 or I2)

"SJBD" is a template (ie : SJBD = 01, 02, 03...)


In Pivision, I've created a display that shows informations of all this elements (Site, Shelter, Inverter, SJB) and it's due works fine.

but when I'm trying to navigate between assets via the "Switch asset" feature, I'm only seeing this

Actually, I would definitely prefer to see directly what is in the right end of the tooltips (ie : "IS11\SH01" or "TL31\SH06") instead of "SH01", "SH02".... in that asset list.


Is there a way to do it


Thanks in advance for your assistance