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Perfmon points for health monitoring

Question asked by alanR on May 18, 2018
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I have these, perfmon points created for health monitoring;

  • Point Count
  • Disk Space
  • Rate at which points are flushed to disk
  • Out of order events sent to the snapshot.
  • Rate of successful event addition to the archive
  • Total of events in the overflow queue files.
  • Rate of archive events read
  • Number of overflow queue files (0 if only the primary queue is active).
  • Events read from the snapshot.
  • Total number of defined points. This number includes the Connector Point Count
  • Number of seconds until the archive is projected to shift. This time is not calculated if the archive is less than 20% full.
  • Percent of used records in Primary Archive File
  • Archive cache records in memory
  • Events sent to the snapshot.
  • Events sent to event queue.
  • Number of events in the primary queue file.
  • Total Unflushed Events

What others should i include?