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    No PI Datalink (Legacy) in add ins


      Hi Osi team,


      I want to ask something about PI datalink legacy add ins.

      We use excel 2010 and PI Datalink 2017 version. we want to active PI datalink (legacy) in add ins, but we cannot find it  there. we just find PI Datalink and Datalink notification. is it compatible with this version? then what should we do? because we want to rise complete PI Datalink tools bar. Now my datalink toolsbar just like this.

      We want the display like this.


      Thank you..

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          Hi Dede!


          PI DataLink Legacy add-in is not installed automatically starting from PI DataLink 2016, it requires a 32 bit Office and to modify the setup.ini according to example inside this file (data source: PI DataLink manual).

          The legacy add-in is not installed with main features anymore because it uses ActiveX, which have known security issues, and has not being updated in a long time, turning out to be not recommended.


          Hope this clear things for you!

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              Inside the setup.ini for PI DataLink 2017 SP1 you'll find the example:

              12 = REBOOT=Suppress ALLUSERS=1

              ; PI DataLink (32-bit and 64-bit) CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS

              ;  INSTALL_LEGACY_ADDIN=1   If the legacy DataLink Add-in is to be installed during installation (32-bit only)

              ;  LEGACY_ADDIN_ENABLED=3   If the legacy DataLink Add-in is to be enabled during installation (32-bit only)


              Example:   --> 12 = REBOOT=Suppress ALLUSERS=1 INSTALL_LEGACY_ADDIN=1 LEGACY_ADDIN_ENABLED=3

              To apply it you just need need to replace the line with the step 12 with 12 = REBOOT=Suppress ALLUSERS=1 INSTALL_LEGACY_ADDIN=1 LEGACY_ADDIN_ENABLED=3.

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                  Dear Gabriel,


                  Thank you for your response.

                  my office 2010 is 32bit, i want to try to change the setup.ini but i can't find setup.exe or setup.ini file, even in C:\Program File\PIPC\excel.

                  in this case, what should we do?


                  Thank you very much.

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                      The setup.ini is in the folder where you extracted installation kit. Therefore, you need to run installation kit, choose an extraction path and cancel installation, then you go to the path you specified before and you'll find the setup.ini and setup.exe, which you'll need to run in order to install PI DataLink.