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    Pull data from PI Data to SQL Server


      Hi guys,


      Can I have some idea how to make my PI data available in SQL server in real time?

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          Hello Muhamad,


          There are few options available you can make use of RDBMS interface where you can define output tags to write data to SQL or you can route data having AF in between PI and SQL..

          Also SSIS is an option.

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            Hi Muhamad,


            Thanks for reaching out to us on PI Square. The answer to this will vary somewhat with what our end goal is. If you're looking to have a separate database being house in SQL with identical data to that of Data Archive, maybe it makes sense to use the RDBMS interface. If you're looking to do reporting, it make more sense to use something from our PI SQL Framework Developer Technologies. So what's the end goal? What are your requirements for the project?




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              Hello Muhamad!


              The options Siddhartha gave are valid, although using AF and SSIS would make a really roundabout solution.

              PI Interface for RDBMS is the best ready option for real-time data since you can configure output tags to be triggered by other tags, guaranteeing that the updates would reach your SQL Server faster than other approaches and just the new events (unexpensive insert queries). Its downside is that you would need to have one output tag for every tag you want to update on your SQL Server.

              What could be even better than RDBMS interface is to build a custom application on C# with AFSDK, because you could achieve a better performance than the interface without having to create any tags.

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                Can you elaborate on the use case for moving data from a real-time Data Historian like PI into a SQL server which is not intrinsically built for real-time data? There are plenty of ways to do this. My suggestion would be to use the PI Integrator for Business Analytics. In the upcoming release, they have added streaming features to the integrator which would accomplish this task without any custom code, additional tags, or clunky SQL integration.



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