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Af Automatic Backfilling Mechanics

Question asked by Paolo on May 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2018 by vwolf

Good morning,


i have a question about the automatic backfilling function:

in a scenario where i have an af server and a separate server with a ufl interface with buffering on. On af server there is a series of analysis  in cascade e.g.:  input A from ufl --> analysis --> result in tag B  which is the new input for ---> analysis2 ---> result in Tag C--->  and so on...  some of those analysis are event triggered, and some periodic. Now i activate the automatic backfilling on the various analysis for example.

At this point I suppose to have a network communication problem between AF server and interface node for 1 day.... 


when the communication returns up, the "old" data buffered by ufl respect the current time are simply old data and not out of order, so is the mechanism of auto-backfillling triggered anyway subsequently for all the analisys and in correct order ?

And in that case is there a difference in the behaviour between the analysis which are event triggered based and the periodic ones?


Thanks in advance