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    PI OPC interface not able to connect to KEPware LinkMasterV1


      Recently OPC interface Version was installed in a local machine where KEPwareLinkMater OPC is installed. Interface was created and while trying to connect to this OPC as LocalSystem, Interface is not able to connect to OPC. But using PI OPC Client tool I am able to browse and read values of tags. Appreciate if some one can help me to resolve this issue. Pls see below screenshots.



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          Hello Kesu!

          Thank you for your questions.

          In the user manual there is following description for the error you are seeing the log:

          0x8000401aThe server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect.

          This connection error indicates a problem with the OPC server identity settings:

          • The account specified for the server identity does not exist.
          • The password for the account specified for the server identity is incorrect or expired.
          • The server has been configured with an identity of Interactive user, but no user is logged on to the console of the server computer.
          Check the identity specified in the DCOM configuration for the server. Verify that the account exists, and verify the password. Use of Interactive user as the server identity is discouraged because it requires that a user be logged on to the computer before the client attempts connection.

          It seems that the account you are using to login to the machine is allowed to browse the server while the LocalSystem is not. It could be that some adjustment should be made in the KEPware LinkMaster to allow such connection from LocalSystem.

          Please see DCOM Security and Configuration Guide here for more details on configuration: https://livelibrary.osisoft.com/LiveLibrary/content/en/int-dcom-v1/GUID-D8316F3F-6788-4EF5-B22C-C7A30F787EA2