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    Copy AF database to another AF server with AF Transformer




      I am trying to copy a AF database from one AF server to another using AF Transformer. I just want exact copy of my AF database just the server name should be changed at the destination so that PI points are created for the destination server.


      Is it possible to do via AF Transformer?



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          Hello Vivek,


          I believe that there is an easier way to do this than to use the AF Transformer.


          If the AF Databases belong to two different PI AF Servers and connect to different PI Data Archives, then you could just export and import the XML and define an Alias so that the name of the source PI Data Archive points to the Destination PI Data Archive (this would not work if both AF Databases are in the same environment).


          If defining an Alias is not possible (let's say all servers reside on the same domain), then you could simply export and import the XML, then use PI Builder to change the name of the PI Data Archive. Another option is to simply edit the XML file substituting the "\\OLD_SERVER" for the "\\NEW_SERVER".


          AF Transformer is good for hierarchy changes. For configuration changes in bulk, PI Builder is the best tool available.