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System digital state set with custom states

Question asked by cgvas on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 31, 2018 by cgvas

I have replaced the default PI System digital states with custom states (the full set of replacements, 1 to 18 contiguous) in a older version of the server, from range 317 (OPCDA_Custom_States) to 335, afterward the server was updated to 2017 R2.

The guide (PI-Data-Archive-2017-R2-System-Management-Guide) indicates that the states in the offset range 193-320 are reserved for use by PI Data Archive and their meaning should not be modified, but in the new server the values of the states 317 to 320 are overwritten.


Do I need to move the digital states from 317-335 to 321-339 ?

Where I can find the default "System Digital State" set for a PI Data Server 2017 R2 ?