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Multiple PI tags' values' existance at exact timestamps before performaning operation on AF

Question asked by VincentW on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on May 30, 2018 by rschmitz

Dear sir,

I have questions about using multiple tags' value (at same timestamp) to generate values of multiple tags.

For example,

(1) We get tag_src1 and tag_src2 from UFL to PI DA server, so both of the tags have a series of same timestamps and different values.

(2) We want to us PI AF... to generate values of additional tags. e.g. output to tag_dest_1 as (tag_src1 + tag_src2) where the exact timestamp's values' addition to tag_dest_1 with the same timestamp. Similarly another operation (tag_sc1 - tag_sc2) to tag_dest_2. Is it possible to use PI AF and Analysis to make it ?


I'm not sure is that when we perform operation by tag's trigger, do we have problems of ensuring both tag_src1 and tag_src2 at exact timestamp will have values already from sources at that timestamp ?

If this tag's frequency is one points every 100 ms. Will that be another issue ?