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Tag Best Practices Papers

Question asked by johnsone Champion on May 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by vwolf

Is there a document, such as an internal white paper, that talks about Tag Best Practices? I am thinking about things from how to define a good naming convention (use ISA codes for Process instrumentation), what the best practices are for Exception and Compression, Discrete values vs. Analog values, choosing the proper DataType, and handling stale and bad tags.


It would be similar to going through each tag attribute but go into more details as what are the Design considerations for each attribute.


This would cover more of the why questions whereas the live library covers more of the what questions. For example, on the topic of exception deviation the Live library would answer what is Exception Deviation and the white Paper would answer why do I set my exception deviation to slightly less than instrument precision.


Some of these questions are answered, such as exception and compression, but it would be great to have one document that aggregates or links to this information to one easy to access destination.


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