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How to create AF attribute reference of a non PI Point attribute

Question asked by Idris on May 30, 2018
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I was wondering if there is a way to refer to another AF attribute in another database that is not of PI Point data reference (eg. Formula)?


Suppose I have to AF databases: Database1 and Database2.

In Database1, I have a simple Formula type attribute (let's say "attribute1") that multiplies a PI Point attribute by a scaling factor (eg. A*0.1).

For argument's sake, we'll have the path to this attribute as: \\Database1\Element1|attribute1


In Database2, I would like to create an attribute that refer to attribute1 in the other database.

I know I can use String Builder or Formula type attribute to get the value of attribute1 by typing in the full path.

However I would like to utilise substitution parameters to build the path.


In Database2, I have an attribute of type None, and the value is the path to the element in Database1.

i.e. Value of "AF Source" attribute is "\\Database1\Element1"

Is it possible to have the attribute in Database2 to somehow use this "AF Source" attribute to get the value of "attribute1"?For PI Point attribute (non-Formula), I can simply put this in the settings:

%@AF Source%|attribute1



Any help is appreciated.

Note I have support call with OSI for this, but can't seem to get a solution yet. Thought the more brains the better