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"'!' Pi point not found" Error

Question asked by CVernon on Jun 1, 2018
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Hi PI Square Community,


My question originates from the following error:

I am working to set up PI Notifications (with all the necessary installations, admin privileges, and an existing database that is connected to PI), and have been attempting to follow the video on setting up PI Notifications ( but need to have event frame template and generation analysis configured correctly as starts being explained in another video ( which goes well until the 12:15 mark where you can check your work with a test event frame.


At first I thought it was because the data point I was grabbing was static, but I adjusted the set up to not require time as shown in the video. This did not fix the problem. I also tried following the exisiting question with an answer on this same topic ( Point Not Found) asked by


When I 'Create or Update PI Point' I get the message, "Failed to create or update the data reference for Attribute '**' in Element '**' in Element '**': The attribute's template data reference is not configured for tag creation.
Configuration creation or update completed with 1 errors.


I checked the value types and Data references and everything seems to be in order.


Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Thanks!




Cory Vernon