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PI Integrator for Business Analytics: Authentication accross non trusted domains

Question asked by mkreideweis on Jun 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2018 by Roger Palmen




we'd like to test the PI Integrator for Business Analytics 2016 for making current PI data accessible for Spotfire. We have a license for Business Intelligence Edition available, which is able to provide PI Views but is not able to transfer PI data directly into a SQL-database. Unfortunately the Spotfire Server resides in Domain A and the PI Data Archive Server + PI AF Server reside in Domain B and these are non-trusted Domains. According to the user-guide the PI Integrator Service has to be installed and has to run under a domain-account. Therefore it makes sense to put the PI Integrator also in Domain B so that it can authenticate on the SQL Server, in AF and PI using this Domain account.



I'd install the ODBC Driver then on the Spotfire Server in Domain A, but I don't know how the authentication from Spotfire to PI could work. The Spotfire users authenticate in Spotfire using their Domain-account of Domain A. Do you have any ideas how it could be configured so that the authentication works across the non-trusted Domains? Is it possible to configure Kerberos authentication across non-trusted Domains? Or should we better use the dataware house Edition of the PI Integrator and copy the PI data cyclically to a SQL database in Domain A?



Thank you and kind regards