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    Pi Vision: Ad-Hoc displays versus Ad-Hoc trends

    Roger Palmen


      The key difference is that the display is really a display with all related features, where the trend is not. Also the trend is overlayed on the current display, whereas the display is a new URL being opened, so there is different behaviour in goin back to the display of origin

      But when building custom symbols, can i also programmatically call the AdHoc Trend?

      The default behaviour does not work for me as i need to control which attributes to be added to the Trend.

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          Hello Roger,

          There is no way how to customize this overlaying Ad-Hoc trend we only supply Ad-Hoc trends accessible by URL which you already know. It can be modal popup.

          If you want to refer to the trend which popups on double-click then you can look into Vision Sourcecode (we do not recommend to mess around in it). You can find file:

          C:\Program Files\PIPC\PIVision\Scripts\app\editor\display\PIVisualization.display-provider.js

          Where is function loadAdHocDisplay().


          You can try to mimic this request in your symbol and change it to your needs, however I think that easier is to use provided Ad-Hoc URL and code your own overlay pop up.

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