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    What does PIAFDIAG do?


      I may be asking to much hear but I saw a reference in PI System Explorer about using PIDiag but I can't find the first scrap of documentation as to what it is for and how to use it.


      I tend to focus on annoying things like .. details.

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          The PI AF Diagnostics (AFDiag) utility is a command-line utility that you can use to enable or disable PI AF server features and perform other administrative functions. The utility makes a direct connection with the associated SQL Server database and requires the SQL Server sysadmin or db_afadmin role.

          AFDiag is located in the \PIPC\AF folder.

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            There are PIDiag.exe and AFDiag.exe. Basically PIDiag works for PI Data Archive and AFDiag works for AF System.

            PIDiag is located in %PISERVER%\adm\pidiag.exe. if you run pidiag /? from command prompt, it shows all parameters.

            Also here is a live library link.


            From my experience, useful commands are

            pidiag -host -file 'Path' : generate MSF file

            pidiag -tz : shows timezone

            pidiag -crash : subsystem crash happens to check the creating crash dump.


            Maybe you are asking AFDiag and here is a live library link.

            PI Server

            Previously I used

            AFdiag /reindex : Using AF, SQL will have fragmentation. Reindex affect to the stored data and affects performance too.

            AFdiag /resetadministrator : if you delete admin account, you can fix it by this

            AFdiag /newID : It generate new ID for AF

            AFdiag /deleteeventframes : Delete event frames


            Anyway, these tools are kind of handy if you know how to use it.

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