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PI Vision access on Mobile Devices via the Web (without VPN/ Remote Access)

Question asked by Muthulingam-EnQuest on Jun 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by gchermont

Guys, we are planning to implement PI Vision next year, I have some quick questions regarding it's features and implementation:

  1. Can the users access PI Vision on their Mobile Devices via the Web Browser using an an external Network (without using VPN/ Citrix Remote Access)?
  2. If yes, what are security settings required to do this (Log In Credentials/ SSL Certificates)?
  3. As an interim solution, I'm looking at publishing certain Dashboard Pages from the current PI ProcessBook via Microsoft SharePoint. What are the required Microsoft SharePoint versions or Interfaces required to do this?
  4. Currently, our Microsoft SharePoint custodian says that PI Web Part is only meant for the the On-Premise version of SharePoint (2010 and 2013). Can someone help me to understand this? Do we have to update our PI System or Microsoft SharePoint


This is to enable the users to access the PI System via their phones easily.


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Ganesh Supromaniam