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Access PI data from Matlab

Question asked by KentaroI on Jul 6, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2018 by LalBabuShaik

Hi experts,

I'm trying to access PI data by using PI JDBC driver (2017 R2) and Matlab database toolbox from a remote Windows PC

To use the PI OLEDB table set and connect to AF, the following information were provided to the Matlab toolbox:

- Driver Name: com.osisoft.jdbc.Driver

- URL: jdbc:pioledbent://xx.x.x.xx(IP address of the PI server)/Data Source=xxxxx (Name of the server); Integrated Security=SSPI;

User name and password for PI server admin were used following to the above information.


However, I failed to connect to the PI server with an error message indicating connection time out after 21 seconds (TCP error code 10060).

Do I have to change a setting